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Grainger BOL Series

Thermal Transfer Heat Exchangers:

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers



  Bar & Plate Brazed Aluminum Core
  Rugged, Lightweight and Compact
  Best Heat Transfer per given size
  Air-side fin design minimizes fouling
  Fan Motor has IP68 connection
  Welded aluminum fittings / ports
  Standard SAE ports, NPT BSPP avail.
  Customized units available
  Additional capabilities for radiators, charge air coolers, condensers, and multi circuit units
  T-Bar core optional for high viscosity oils or other highly fouling fluids.
  Low noise option available



  Operating Pressure: 250 psi
  Operating Temperature 300° F



  Core: Brazed Aluminum Bar and Plate
  Tanks: 5052 Aluminum
  Nose Bar & Little Bar: 3003 Aluminum
  Air Fin, Turbulator & End Plate: Aluminum
  Connections: Aluminum
  Core Mounting Brackets: Brazed Aluminum
  Fan: Aluminum hub, plastic blades
  Shoud: Steel
  Motor: TEFC & IEC

BOL Series
Grainger Crossover
Grainger Model Supplier Number Thermal Transfer Model Dimensional Equivalent
1DBB1 BOL-8-207618  BOL-8-2-2  Yes 
1DBB2 BOL-16-207619  BOL-16-2-2  Yes 
1DBB3 BOL-30-207620  BOL-30-2-2  Yes 
4UHZ4  AL5-1 BOL-8-2-2-LN  No 
4UHZ5  A8-1  BOL-8-2-2  No 
4UHZ6  A10-1  BOL-16-2-2  No 
4UHZ7  A15-1  BOL-30-2-2  No 
4UHZ8  A20-1  BOL-400-2-2  No 
4UHZ9  A30-1  BOL-400-2-2  No 
4UJA1  A40-1  BOL-725-2-2  No 
4UJA2  A55-3  BOL-725-2-3  No 
4UJA3  A90-3  BOL-1200-2-3  No 
4UJA4  A105-3  BOL-1200-2-3  No 
4UJA5  A130-3  BOL-1600-2-3  No 
4UJA6  A160-3  BOL-2000-2-3  No 
4UJA9  HR20-0218  BOL-16-2-9  No 
4UJC1  HR25-0218  BOL-16-2-9  No 
4UJC2  HR45-0372  BOL-400-2-9  No 
4UJC3  HR55-0050  BOL-400-2-9  No 
4UJC4  HR75-0050  BOL-400-2-9  No 
4UJC5  HR100-0050  BOL-725-2-9  No 
4UJC6  HR180-0050  BOL-950-2-9  No 
4UJC7  HR210-0140  BOL-950-2-9  No 
4UJC8  HR260-0140  BOL-1200-2-9  No 
4UJC9  HR300-0195  BOL-1600-2-9  No 
4UJD1  HR400-0195  BOL-2000-2-9  No 
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