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Grainger OCA Series

Thermal Transfer Heat Exchangers:

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers



  Young Radiator - OCS Interchange
  Brazed Aluminum Core
  Enclosed Fan Cooled Standard
  Aerodynamically Designed Fan
  Hydraulic Circuits
  Machine Tool Cooling
  Gear Oil Cooling
  Lube Oil Cooling
  Process Cooling
  Torque Converters
  Marine Transmissions



  Operating Pressure: 250 psi
  Operating Temperature 350° F



  Fan Blade Composite with cast aluminum hub
  Connections Aluminum
  Motor Supports Steel
  Shroud Steel
  Core Brazed Aluminum
  Cabinet Steel with baked enamel finish
  Motor TEFC & Hydraulic Motor

Grainger Crossover
Grainger Model Supplier Number Thermal Transfer Model Dimensional Equivalent
1DBB6 MA-12-207623 MA-12-2 Yes
1DBB7 MA-18-207624 MA-18-2 Yes
1DBB8 MA-32-207625 MA-32-2 Yes
1DBB9 MA-12-207626 MA-12-2-4A Yes
1DBC1 MA-18-207627 MA-18-2-4A Yes
1DBC2 MA-32-207628 MA-32-2-4A Yes
4UJD3 C-8 MA-8 Yes
4UJD4 C-14 MA-14 Yes
4UJD5 C-20 MA-20 Yes
4UJD6 C-12 MA-12 Yes
4UJD7 C-18 MA-18 Yes
4UJD8 C-32 MA-32 Yes
4UJD9 C-48 MA-48 Yes
4UJE1 C-66 MA-66 Yes
4UJE2 C-82 MA-82 Yes
4UJE3 C-120 MA-120 Yes
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