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Thermal Transfer Products:

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Motors & Fans:

  Motors & Fans
  Fans, Fan Blades, Motors & Related Accessories.
  Motors & Fans

Water Strainers:

  Water Strainers
  Prevent debris from entering the heat exchanger

Three-Way Thermostatic Valves:

  Three-Way Thermostatic Valves
  Mix or control fluid temperatures
  Bypass or divert fluids

Thermal Bypass Assembly:

  Thermal Bypass Assembly
  Ideally suited for circuits which require fast warm up

Electronic Temperature Control
& Bulb Well Assembly (AC):

  Electronic Temperature Control
  Line voltage single stage electronic temperature control
  High Accuracy

Thermostatic Temperature Controller (DC):

  Thermostatic Temperature Controller
  Temperature sensor to provide accurate temperature control by cycling the cooling fan(s) to maintain desired temperature.

Temperature Sensors:

  Temperature Sensor
  Sensors for remote temperature readings

Compressed Air Separators:

  Compressed Air Separators
  Float style drain or manual shut off
  Easy Service
  High Efficiency design

Automatic Float Drain:

  Automatic Float Drain
  Automatically purges system of fluid

Flexible Metal Hose:

  Flexible Metal Hose
  Isolates Damaging Vibration
  Dampen Noise
  Absorbe Thermal Expansion

Modulating Water Valves
& Bulb Wells:

  Modulating Water Valves & Bulb Wells
  Regulate the flow of water to the heat exchanger to maintain a desired exiting oil temperature.
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