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EK Series

Thermal Transfer Heat Exchangers:

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers



  Copper & Steel Construction
  Compact Size
  High Efficiency Finned Bundle Design
  Low Cost
  Optional Patented Built-in
Surge-Cushion® Relief Bypass
  3/16” Tube Size
  Heat Removal up to 400 Horsepower
(300 kW)
  Oil Flow rates up to 80 U.S. GPM (300
  Large Oil Connections for Minimum
Entering and Exiting Flow Restriction
  Removable End Bonnets for easy
tube cleaning
  Mounting Brackets Designed so
that Cooler can be Rotated in 90°
  High Pressure Ratings
  Complete Line of Accessories Available



  Maximum Shell Pressure: 500 psi
  Maximum Tube Side Pressure 150 psi
  Maximum Temperature 250° F



  Shell Steel
  Tubes Copper
  Fins Aluminum
  End Caps Grey Iron
  Tube Sheets Steel
  Baffles Steel
  Mounting Brackets Steel
  Gaskets Nitrile Rubber/Cellulose Fiber
  Nameplate Aluminum Foil

EK Series
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