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Compressed Air Cooling

Thermal Transfer Products:

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UPA Series:

  UPA Series
  Low SCFM capacity
  Horizontal or Vertical Fan Air Flow

AA Series:

  AA Series
  Medium SCFM capacity
  Horizontal Air Flow
  Optional TEFC Motor(s)

Belt Guard Aftercoolers:

  Belt Guard Aftercoolers
  M Series with rotated ports for easier condensate removal

AOL Series:

  AOL Series
  Large Oil Flows
  High Performance
  Industrial Duty
  Brazed Aluminum Bar and Plate Core

AHP Series:

  AHP Series
  High SCFM capability, vertical flow aluminum core, optional air motors.

ACOC Series:

  ACOC Series
  Used to convert water cooled screw compressors to air cooled.
  Vertical air flow
  Aluminum core
  Free Standing
  Combines Oil Cooler and aftercooler into one common core.

AB Series:

  AB Series
  Single pass, 180 degree rotated shell ports, oversized air connections for low pressure drops

C Series:

  Fixed Tubesheet
  Steel w/ Copper Tube Construction
  Cast Iron Bonnets
  3" to 8" Diameters
  90/10 Copper Option
  316 Stainless Steel Option
  1, 2, and 4 Pass

Quincy Replacment Coolers:

  Aftermarket Replacment Aftercooler
  Steel w/ Copper Tube Construction
  Cast Iron Bonnets
  Cross Reference List
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