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AOL Series

Thermal Transfer Heat Exchangers:

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers



  Large Oil Flows
  High Performance
  Industrial Duty
  Brazed Aluminum Bar and Plate Core
  Compact Aluminum Core
  Ideal for converting water cooled equipment to air cooled
  eliminates high water and sewer costs
  eliminates corrosion problems associated with water cooled units
  vertical air flow works well for heat recovery
  hydraulic motors available
  optional SAE ports
  marine coatings available
  high performance air side fin design



  Operating Pressure: 250 psi
  Operating Temperature 300° F



  Legs: steel baked enamel finish
  Shroud Steel
  Standard Core: brazed aluminum bar and plate
  Tanks: 5052 Aluminum
  Nose Bar, plate, turbulator and end plate: 3003 O Aluminum
  Fan: Aluminum Hub, Plastic Blades
  Motor: TEFC

AOL Series
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