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DF Series

Thermal Transfer Heat Exchangers:

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers



  Same as DH with DC fan
  3/4" Tube Size
  Low AMP Draw 12 or 24 volt dc
  heavy duty construction
  Optional Serviceable Relief
Bypass Valve
  Optional Fan Control Switch
  Long Life Hydraulic Motors
  Rugged Applications
  Heat Removal TO 35,000 BTU/Hr.
  Oil Flows to 110 GPM
  Mounting Brackets Included
  SAE, NPT or 37° Flare Oil Connections
  Damage Resistant Steel Fins



  Operating Pressure: 300 psi
  Operating Temperature 350° F



  Tubes Copper
  Fins Steel
  Turbulators Aluminium
  Manifolds Steel
  Fan Assembly High Impact Plastic
  Motor Displacement .22in3/Rev. (Hydraulic)
  Maximum Pressure 2000 PSI (Hydraulic)
  Allowable Backpressure 1000 PSI (Hydraulic)

DF Series
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